V. Sattui LobsterFest

V. Sattui LobsterFest 2016

This past Saturday night we stepped away from the World Wine Web and attended the annual Lobsterfest at V. Sattui. “Oh, what a night!” We had a great time! And here’s why it was such a great party.

The Feast
I've got my best lobster nomming attire on
That's a lot of lobster hats
These are proper place settings
Not the lobster you eat

This is the pile in front of you

Each person gets (only) one lobster, but there’s *plenty* of other food! Spicy sausages, prawns, sweet corn on the cob, artichokes, potatoes, whole roasted garlic, bread, melted butter. All delicious! Accompanied by lots of wine.

About that. It’s easier to get a refill of your wine glass than your water-glass, so you might want to bring your own bottle of water, if you’re into that 😉

And…save room for dessert. The strawberry shortcake was soooooo good! They serve coffee, too, but it did run out by 9:30, so get it early. That being said, at 9:30, there were still a handful of plates of dessert out, so I helped myself to seconds–yum x2!

Yes, it's the kind of party where you leave your glasses in a pile of crustacean carcasses
One of the tables with the strawberry shortcakes lined up
The after dinner party is starting
The tasting rooms start to get jammed up

The Wine

One of the tasting flights after dinner

Did I mention–there’s A LOT of wine? Red wine, Rose wine, Moscato wine, White wine. Before dinner, they were pouring Gamay Rouge, dry Riesling, Grenache, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  At dinner, they were pouring Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay Rouge, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We also received 2 tasting tickets when we checked in. One for a flight of “prized Pinots” in the Vittorio room and the other for a flight of their highly rated Cabernets in the main tasting room. Those were to be used after dinner. I had dessert right after dinner, and I think that ruined me for drinking more wine. I had one taste after dinner and I was done.

In addition to the wine tastings in the tasting rooms, after dinner, in the barrel cellar the barrels were open for wine tasting, as well as limited release reds, the night’s specials, current releases and dessert wines.

The Ambiance

Me and Survivor’s Jerry Manthey

This is a HUGE V. Sattui party! There was an estimated 608 people in attendance (no I didn’t count) and it was definitely sold out.

It’s a fest not a dinner, so be prepared for them to literally throw your food directly on the table. Also, be prepared to eat with your hands. This contributes to the fun atmosphere. At dinner, the music is blaring and people are getting their dance on!

After dinner, there’s more music and dancing. The weather was nice, so it felt great to be outside. Dinner was served under a tent in Vittorio’s Vineyard. We enjoyed our dessert under the oak tree. The dancing was in the courtyard, under the stars.

Tickets for the event were $125 for members ($145 for guests of members) and I think it was well worth it. We’re going next year and bringing some friends because this is a can’t miss event. See you there!

5 wine glasses






Did you attend? Or are you thinking of attending next year? Let us know in the comments!

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