The Five Best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines for Mother’s Day

Top Five Best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and many of you will be celebrating dear old Mom with a mimosa or three with Mother’s Day brunch. So what should you get? Champagne? Sparkling Wine? so in honor of the occasion I thought I’d share a few of my favorite bubblies.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might receive a small commission (if I’m lucky). However, every single one of these products I have enjoyed and fully believe in.

Let me start by saying, you don’t have to buy a bottle of  Cristal ($275.99) to show Mom you care. There are definitely different types of champagne or sparkling wine for every budget. I personally only indulged in a bottle of “Fancy” on my wedding day and at that it was way on sale because the liquor store down the street was closing. Yeah. I’m fancy like that.

In addition to Mother’s Day, there are quite a few occasions coming up for which one might break out the bubbly (graduations, weddings, the day after Mother’s Day, and more) so read on as I list some of my favorite champagnes and sparkling wines.

Domaine Chandon ($16.99)
This is the sparkling wine that’s been served at my family’s gatherings for years. My parents enjoy Domaine Chandon’s wines so much they became members. You could say it’s the sparkling wine I grew up around. If you’re in the Napa Valley and want to treat yourself, I highly recommend a trip to their winery. I’ll write more about that in another post. If a trip to Napa is not in the cards, though, no worries, you can pick up a bottle at almost any grocery or drugstore


Moet & Chandon ($47.99)
I was introduced to this champagne in the most unlikely way. I went to buy my mom a 60th birthday present. I ended up at Louis Vuitton. As you complete your purchase they offer you champagne. I took a few sips. It was so delightful I asked the woman helping me what brand it was and (of course) it was Moet. If you’re in the mood for one of the best French champagnes and a bit of a splurge, this is the one I’d get. Note- I got my last bottle at Costco, around New Year’s Eve.


Cava ($19.99)
I have to admit I have less experience with Spain’s version of sparkling wine. The occasions I usually end up bringing home a bottle of Cava are after a conversation with the wine shop owner, which is actually a good tip. If you can, go to your local wine shop and don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with one of the staff members.One of my most recent trips, I ended up with this Gramona Gran Cuvee Cava.


La Marca ($13.99)

The Italian version of sparkling wine is one of my favorites. My friends and I like Prosecco so much, we bought a case of it to serve at my friend’s engagement party. It tastes great and is very affordable.


Dom Perignon ($199.99)

Now, if your mom’s fancy, and of course she is, you can always opt for the Dom. No one is going to be sad about that. Maybe just don’t drink it as a mimosa.


Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs ($16.99)

Wait, wait wait. I know I said “five” and this is #6… and it’s sparkling wine in a can. But – Sometimes you may be out in the outdoors, or someplace else that lugging around a bottle and glasses is not going to work (or allowed). Enter the Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs 4 pack from Francis Ford Coppola. So although it has the appeal of a bag of wine, it has the name brand (named for Sofia Coppola) and the appeal of being super portable. Also it comes with a straw. A great, summery, portable, affordable addition to your bubbly needs.


See? Doesn’t that look nice?


There’s my take on champagnes and sparkling wines for your Mother’s Day brunch. And don’t forget to start planning for Dad, either. Father’s Day is coming up in June!

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